A student reads notes from Elfy at Puesta del Sol Elementary School

First grade students in Mrs. Metzgar's class at Puesta del Sol Elementary School had a prolonged visit from "Elfy" in late December.

Mrs. Metzgar came up with the idea to bring Elfy in to assist students with their masks wearing protocols, reading and writing. He visited the classroom each day and students would look for him eagerly each morning to read the notes who would leave daily. 

The project was so incredibly popular that students truly developed a friendship with Elfy and would leave him messages so they could practice writing. They even reminded him once that he forgot to wear his mask to class! The very next day Elfy was sure to have is mask on and even brought extras for students who needed them.

Great job Mrs. Metzgar, we love seeing fun projects and activities that reinforce lessons for students.