Photo of the entrance to Puesta del Sol Elementary School

The HVAC construction project at Puesta del Sol Elementary is moving along nicely and we are ready for phase 2 of the project. Thus far, the impact to classroom learning has been minimal. Once this project is completed, our school will be more comfortable for students and far more energy efficient.  We anticipate the completion of this project towards the end of this school year.  

In order to move from the current phase of construction to the next phase, we will be moving students from in-person learning to at-home asynchronous learning on Monday, Nov. 29, 2021. Students will not report to school that day, but instead will be given school work to do at home on this day and will return to regular in-person learning on Tuesday, Nov. 30. The new phase of construction will see the Freedom Wing of the school reopened and a clearing of the Unity Wing.  We appreciate your flexibility and understanding with this construction need.

As always, thank you for your partnership this year.  We appreciate your support!