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  1. Chicken Stacker
  2. Picture Match
  3. See ‘n’ Spell
  4. Starfall – Long A Picture Hunt
  5. Starfall – Long O Picture Hunt
  6. Starfall – Matching Short Vowel Sounds
  7. Word Magnets: Long A & Sight Words
  8. Word Magnets: Long E & Sight Words
  9. Word Magnets: Long I & Sight Words
  10. Word Magnets: Long O & Sight Words
  11. Word Magnets: Long U & Sight Words
  12. Word Magnets: Short A & Sight Words
  13. Word Magnets: Short E & Sight Words
  14. Word Magnets: Short I & Sight Words
  15. Word Magnets: Short O & Sight Words
  16. Word Magnets: Short U & Sight Words
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