As a counselor the goal is to work in collaboration with teachers, staff and families to support the academic, career, and personal/social development for all students. Working towards goals is achieved through the following ways:

Guidance Curriculum:  Classroom guidance lessons are presented throughout the school year.  Second Step is the curriculum used, which promotes social skills, emotion regulation, and problem solving.

Individual Support: Students may be referred to me by teachers, administrators, parents
or refer themselves to see me individually for a variety of reasons to provide additional support at school, or if community information is needed for outside counseling services.

Collaboration:  Please call me at 505-994-3305, ext. 308 if there is anything I can help you with or if you have any questions.


McNamara, Georgina

Business:  505-994-3305 ext. 308 
Address:  Room 308 - Unity Wing  


Community Family Services


  • A Way Through, resources for parents dealing with relational aggression with their young girls:
  • Divorce Info, for parents dealing with issues related to parental divorce:
  • PARENTING, helpful information to parents on a variety of topics:

Resources for Families